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Max W. Miller creates incredible stories about imaginary places, vivid characters, and their nemeses.

Return Egyptian Moon Series

Never could she have imaged she'd come back haunted by memories from an ancient time.

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The Gordite Witch - Book 1

The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens Teen Superhero Series

Earth’s survival lies in the hands of the Dylanians.

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Sadie Mae and Torene the Tornado - Book 2

 The Gordite Witch is gone but now Sadie Has to battle against a young Tetradyne ruler

Coming Soon 2.6.2017

From The Blog

The Supernatural Power of Momentum

Why Your Ideas Need Speed

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Teen Super Hero Series

The next generation needs SUPERHEROS to save them…

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The Making of A Bad Ghost

Original flash fiction,

By Author Max W. Miller

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Can We Really Pick-Up Spirit Orbs In Our Photographs?

They are known as spirits, aberrations, haunts, spooks, dead people—the all-time favorite is ghosts, but can we really see them in our pictures?

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Our Subconscious Minds

How Safe Are Our Subconscious Minds From The Paranormal Books We Read?

Why are readers all over the globe attracted to the gray and exciting area of the metaphysical with its innumerable meanings?

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Get Rid Of Ghosts

Can Separating Plantation Houses From The Land Get Rid Of Ghosts From The Past? Part 1

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For the writer in you

An Author’s Greatest Joy

When I pick up my creative pen, the greatest hope I have is to pull out of my imagination a memorable, rewarding experience for my readers.

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Write What Jump Starts Your Heart

Why did you start writing? What was the pivotal point of awareness for you?  Do you know?

The ability to express oneself through the written words is a marvelous thing, but the strength to write what inspires, even under the threat of persecution is another matter altogether.

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Five Reasons Why Writers Write

Writers write because they have a love affair with words!

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