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7 Reasons Why Science Fiction And Fantasy Grabs Us

c9b0383f-7c0e-4f3d-8bee-b7c5267bdbadIt’s an exciting event for a Science-fiction and Fantasy fan to sit down to watch one of Marvel Comic’s superhero characters do his/her superhero thing. Expectations of scenes far away from what most of us call “Normal Events.” creep upward, weaving a path through our flesh. What looks better than Ironman, soaring through the atmosphere? And even when he gets hit, center mass in the chest by a nuclear weapon, we are fearless about his never-ending ability to escape with only the electric red paint scratched off his genius-crafted iron suit. Wow! Ironman is listed among the finest of these characters, right?

I enjoy making reference to the super human, fantasy fiction we love. We must not forget that in the middle of the make believe, truth hides itself. Finding and presenting the real, day to day miracles that are in some cases comparative to the Ironman we adore is why we are forever connected to the supernatural realm.
Read and enjoy these stories, a mixture of film and supposedly real events. Get it through your head that the science fiction and fantasy we love is not always science fiction and fantasy—AT ALL! We’re like our favorite X-file characters, FBI agents Mulder, who believe the paranormal he sees, and then there’s Scully, who forces her mind to fight against every paranormal event she is a part of. We love this stuff so much until after thirteen years the X-Files is back for more episodes. See #3 below.

1) Alien Saves Man From Death

2) Child Rescued Have Angelic Involvement
Doubtful News

3) X-Files Coming Back

4) X-Men Trailer – We say it’s good!

5) 31 Science Fiction Movie STUFF that came true


6) See Yourself Inside These 50 Fantasy Movies


7) To Finish It Off!!! Paranormal Movies Start With Real Life.



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