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Don’t Become A Crying Cat – Beware of Bad Indie Publishers

Crying Cat 2A funny thing happened to me on the way to publication; I trusted the wrong company! Yes, as hard as it is to believe, aspiring authors are promised the world by the mirage of indie publishing companies out there, but could end up a few grands lighter with not much to show for it. And so it was with my experience with iUniverse. This company is under the umbrella of Author Solution Inc., who portrays themselves as a one-stop answer to an indie author’s prayer. Beware, beware, beware. Check out the letter I sent to them. I even sent it to the CEO of Author’s Solutions. He apologized immediately and gave me all of my money back. Right?  Yeah right! If you do a search, you’ll find that I’m not the only author that has had issues with this company—even with not receiving their royalty payments.

Here’s my letter that I sent over and over again. This one was to the CEO … You be the judge.

Dear Mr. Weiss. You may choose to ignore this email, but if you want to know the truth about how your employees are botching author’s projects, I’d advise you to take my experience seriously. You may have the money rolling now, but bad press always gets out; believe me, based on my recent research of your company, you’ve got quite a bit. Unfortunately, I got caught in your snare!

Please read the following letter sent to Kim West. She is the most honest employee I’ve ran across in your organization. I have respect for Kim.

July 15, 2012

Maxine W. Miller






Regarding: Cancellation of Project 353893 – Blood Melt

My debut novel publication with you has been one disaster after another. I have had disappointments and broken promises from the editorial department to the publication department, to your bogus Pitch Fest. As I write this letter, my book with errors in it (caused from your conversion of it into a PDF file), sits on Amazon and B&N even though I have not received not one proof copy. Based on your track record, I have no idea how bad you have botched it. I have spent over $5000.00 with you for incompetence. I am cancelling this non-exclusive contract and have not received the fulfillment of the packet I paid for.  If you are an honorable company in any way, you would consider a return of at least some of my packet funds.

Below is a summary of my issues:

1)      Paid for the Essentials editing which was returned to me filled with uncorrected typographical errors.

2)      Lies were told about the Pitch-fest in Las Vegas – Attendees were exposed to junior agents and not the Top Level movie executives as was told. Attendees were allowed to speak with only half of the agents. What if the agent interested in my book just happened to be in the other room I was not allowed to go in?

3)      The publication Department converted my manuscript into a PDF file and corrupted it, deleting certain words as follows:

A) Chapter 5 – First word of the first chapter – missing – the first word “They”

B) Chapter 22 – First word of the first chapter – missing – the first word “Avani”

C) Chapter 28 – First word of the first chapter – missing – the first word “They”

Note: When I was asked to review my manuscript, I focused on formatting errors, I had no idea I was expected to re-read the entire manuscript that I’d already paid iUniverse for editing on.

My book was released and I had not seen a review copy. Because of the PDF error iUniverse made, I requested the book be put on hold. One week later, the copy with the errors was discovered on Amazon and B&N. No book proof was ever sent to me. Nothing!

Previously, Jill Serinas had told me that my book would not be available for publication until I was sent my review copies. I trusted her word, but it was another lie!

*Please immediately remove Blood Melt from Amazon and B&N.* If you have put anything else out there under my name, please remove it immediately. It’s hard enough for a self-published author to brand themselves without the blatant incompetent errors you have made.

Thank you,

Maxine W. Miller

CONCLUSION: This was my nightmare. You be your own judge.