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Max creates incredible stories about imaginary places, vivid characters, and their nemeses. With an uncanny ability, she draws readers into their worlds. From childhood, Max’s ancestral gift allowed her to see into other realms through dreams and visions. She has grown to know that unseen worlds collide to encourage, warn, foretell of future events, or destroy. Rarely does an author have the ability to touch readers like Max—possibly, she has seen some in a dream or captured others in a vision.


Max has always enjoyed reading and writing. She loves the wonder of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal genres; they make great medicine for her soul. In addition to her writing, she relishes family time with her husband, children, and friends. Max is an advocate of tough love during adolescent rebellion and staying in touch with a healthy body through natural remedies.


Her Science Fiction and Fantasy Books have won Book of the Day Awards and have been listed among the Amazon Top 100. Max continues to receive favorable reviews from readers on Amazon and other retailers online. Become one of her Elite Readers by subscribing to her hub or Follow her on Twitter @maxwmiller.

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I understand you write science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal books in series, how do you know the first book will be part of a series?

For me, every story begins with a thought triggered by something either seen naturally, through a dream or vision, or perhaps both. I write down the characteristics of my protagonist (leading character), his or her back story, the story I want to tell and the one I’ll tell next. And then I’ll find more than one antagonist whose job is to stop my hero. A strong protagonist will have a back story and unfinished business moving forward at the end of Book 1.

Define Young Adult, New Adult and Paranormal?

My Young Adult readers range from age thirteen to eighteen as far as I am concerned, although I’ve seen recommended number starting at nine. My Sadie Mae Stevens Series and The I Take Series I’ve completed the manuscript on could very well be read by at least a ten-year-old; however, that will not apply to Dream Boyfriend when it is released next year.

New Adult addresses ‘The College Age’ where the protagonist is leaving the confines of mommy and daddy and is faced with learning to sort out problems on their own. I would not recommend this genre for young teens because it is a time of added sexual freedom, frat parties and learning how to deal with young adulthood. And of course with me, the entry into the kingdom of adulthood will have troubled waters through aliens, ghosts or one bizarre event after another.

The word Paranormal has various meanings for different authors; we would probably all list occurrences such as bizarre folklores, ghosts and hauntings, phenoniums unexplained by science as in my Monster Mates series, Spending Christmas With A Yeti. Personally, I group undefined events of Speculative fiction and the metaphysical under this heading as well.


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