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An Author’s Greatest Joy

MessageIf a reader takes a ride through the pages of a book and the writing becomes so alive that he/she took the time to express it to the author, it’s a marvelous thing!

On my computer, I have a folder that holds the ideas for future books—not necessarily the next book, but for books somewhere down the line. The idea for my Christmas Novella I am now writing, entitled: Spending Christmas With A Yeti, came to me when I was setting up for my first book signing. I’d been talking with a local business owner who was also a huge sci-fi fantasy fan. He wanted me to make him into a character in one of my future books—what a compliment he’d given me.

When I pick up my creative pen, the greatest hope I have is to pull out of my imagination a memorable, rewarding experience for my readers. My aim in all my books is to carve characters of science fiction and fantasy that when read, engages and even identifies with the struggles of the real world. I write for teens and young adults. My alien teen or weirded-out young adult characters could have just landed as a visitor on Earth—of course they will face adversities for simply being different. To create realism, these characters will have some of the same problems, needs and wants as a teen/YA born on earth—an Earthling.

Recently, I got an email from a seventeen year old that as of the writing of this post is reading Blood Melt. Her email was short and to the point: “Just started reading Blood Melt, I love it already.”

I am still awestruck that my creative gift as a writer has finally came out of the sack. When I receive comments such as these, it is humbling in a big way. It warms my heart indeed to think that someone read the words that I wrote and experienced a pleasant moment. I think I will forever be floored by these types of exchanges. They mean more than I can express. The greatest joy any writer could experience is to have their work appreciated.

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