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Astrology is a Paranormal Event

Paranormal Event

Paranormal Event

Through her Paranormal Investigation Non-Profit, one of my upcoming Youtube guest receives distressed phone calls from people wanting to find out whether the refrigerator is vibrating because it’s simply old and breaking down or if there’s paranormal energy surging through the coils—sounds  of the Afterlife making its presence known. As a woman who from childhood that have experienced a door cracked-open into the land where the PARA-NORMAL lives, I couldn’t help my fascination during our Q&A interview Youtube interview. Whether you believe that REALMS collide unintentionally or purposely visit each other, you have to admit that there are too many scientifically unanswered sightings into “That World’ for this world to ignore. Whether through masses of intelligent folks—like you and me, whether, dream realm, open vision, or an impression covering your body, we continually visit the land of OZ. In days to come, another one of my guess will give her interpretation of what astrology entails. There are wide and weird variations of thought on the subject.

As a child growing up in Georgia, I was told to stay away from astrology because that stuff will turn you into a witch/aka witchcraft. Here are some definitions; you develop your own: 1) Astrology is the study of the movement, relative, and positions of celestial bodies. Astrology teaches that the result of celestial interpreted has an influence on individual humans. 2) Astronomy: some relate Astrology to Astronomy which is  Archaic and supposedly represents the influence the stars and planets have on human actions and reactions – Imagine a giant and continuous terrestrial roadmap of events possibly influencing the outcome of your life. It’s based on where the heavenly bodies are positioned at the time of an individual birth. Some call it Divination. 3) Astrology is the science of studying the position and relationships of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in order to predict/judge their influence on human actions.

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