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Best In Teen Super Hero Series – Blog – 1

superheroLast night, when I turned off the television, I closed off a nation seemingly oblivious to the fact that violence breeds more violence, and angry words throw daggers into the heart.

As one who has lived in a world where the Paranormal is normal, I’d have to say that perhaps adults in the United States of America and all over the planet are under attack from a freaking legion of demons; they’re possessing mind and bodies. Never have I known of such deadly foolishness as I see these days. I am comforted in knowing that the freaking demons haven’t succeeded in dominating all the adults; there remains quite a few still fighting on to save the next generation.

And so I have chosen to blog about teen superhero series, keeping it real, and then call upon superman, ironman, Hancock, and Thor to come and save us or at least make an appearance. How likely is that to happen? In reality, zero to minus none. The disturbing part is that the up and coming humans are observing us and learning from our tomfoolery.

The next generation needs SUPERHEROS to save them… Sadly, we’ll have to go to fictional characters to pave the way. And indeed they can; I believe most authors fleshing out a superhero character always start with the attributes they’ve admire in a real life person.

5 of Marvels greatestTake a look at a few Marvel Comic Young Superheroes. I will admit that I don’t know any of these dudes, but I’m willing to bet each started from the characterization of a real person.


What does the word SUPERHERO mean to you?


To me, a superhero is perceived as different from childhood. Usually, superheros are loners and possibly the brunt of family jokes.


A superhero is one cut out of a different mold from the pack. They walk, talk and think differently, and in the face of adversity, if they get scared and run, they always come back and finish the job. Superheroes are finishers!


During these SuperHero Blog Posts, in addition to examining my Teen Superhero Character, Sadie Mae Stevens, I will be looking at other author’s characters as well. If you are an author with a cool teen superhero character to share, contact me and let me know. I’d love to include your SPECIAL ONE in this series, (complete with a link to your website). It’s about working together to give hope to future generations.


Here’s Book 1 in The Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens Teen Superhero Series as it stands today.

This is a copy of the never published first book cover sketched during the draft stage of the Gordite Witch. Become an Elite Reader and grab a piece of Sadie’s History.



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