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Book Marketing In A Self-Pub World



Sometimes I want to pull my hair out when dealing with this thing called BOOK MARKETING. A thousand experts a day all clamor to win a piece of me, telling me that they know what to do to get my books moving. There’s just not that much of me to go around; I don’t have a thousand pounds of flesh to give.

Last week, I believe I made a couple of positive moves by joining two organizations–The Independent Book Publishing Association (IBPA) and Author’s Marketing Club (AMC).  I followed the instruction of a tutorial inside my AMC account on how to write a book description on Amazon for KDP. See below and then click this link to see the actual ebook version.

Do You Believe in Reincarnation? Did a Past Life Show-Up in Your Astrology Reading?

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From the Award Winning Author of a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Teen Literature and Fiction eBooks – The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens – The Gordite Witch

  • The perfect boyfriend with a bright athletic future…
  • The haunting by a demi-god figure from a past life…
  • A mysterious teal eyed stranger stalking with his own purpose in mind!

˃˃˃ This New Adult Novel was written for eighteen and up; it does contain sexual scenes and mature subjects not suitable for some audiences.

College freshman, Megan Smart just knew she had it all, good parents and a hottie Star quarterback boyfriend named Tyler, all while attending the school of her dreams. Then, while at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, her life unraveled into a horrifying chain of events. It seems that Megan disregarded a direct request from the head of the museum and touched an artifact from ancient Egypt; can you say “Past Soul Connection? Can you say Nefertiti?” Or was it some other Royal coming through to Megan.

On her first day at MNU, Megan attends a frat party and ends up making out on the dance floor with a gorgeous dark eyed stranger, one that looked so tempting and felt too familiar. Her friends were shocked by Megan’s uncharacteristic behavior, and so was Tyler when he unexpectedly stepped through the frat house door.

You want to read this novel because it is filled with twists and turns, heated scenes and paranormal activities like no other.

Egyptian Moon – Return, will not disappoint you. Scroll up and grab a copy Today!!!