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The Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens Series Book 1

Earth’s survival lies in the hands of the Dylanians

Let the legacy begin…


Egyptian Moon Series Book 1

New Adult Paranormal, Urban Paranormal, Thriller, Reincarnation

Megan Smart, a pampered, reserved freshman, takes a pre-college trip to New York City with her parents and star hottie quarterback boyfriend, Tyler. Never could she have imaged she'd come back haunted by memories from an ancient time.

Promises Unbroken – A Paranormal Romance Novella

Adult Short Stories, paranormal, women fiction, contemporary women

Elizabeth Shelly is left with crippling despair over the murder of her affluent and handsome fiancé. Beth, as Deven used to call her, finds herself drawn into a ghouls night out when a supernatural intervention interferes with her decision to commit suicide.

Spending Christmas With A Yeti- Monster Mates Unlimited Series 1

Adult Short Stories, women fiction, contemporary women

Spending Christmas With A Yeti is one of the stories in Monster Mates, a series of unrelated paranormal books about abusive relationships.

Subject Monster Mate: Ranger Blackwell

Even though Sandra Greene pretended not to notice the bruises on her daughter’s beautiful face, Sandra secretly made plans to save Shayne.

THINK AND GROW DEAD - Monster Mates Unlimited Series 2

Adult Short Stories, paranormal, women fiction, contemporary women

Think And Grow Dead is from the Monster Mates Series that deals with Abuse and infidelity fiction stories.

Subject Monster Mate: Michael Henson

After moving his business from his downtown office to his home, a prosperous architect, husband, and father struggle with holding at bay his internal demons.

Torene the Tornado - The Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens Series Book 2

Teen Superhero, Fantasy Adventure, Teen & Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy


Young Adult Fantasy, Teenage Superhero, Death Angel

DREAM BOYFRIEND - An Intergalactic Romance

Young Adult Romance, Alien Abduction, Science Fiction & Fantasy