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Bridging the Gap

hd-wallpapers-for-desktop-2013-231Bold and exiting things are happening in my writing! I’m evolving into realizing that my character’s voices are actors on the stage I’ve created; their voices are not mine to control. Having said that, the New Adult category of romance is creating quite a stir in the readers’ community. New Adult as I define it is a hybrid of traditional young adult, but with more teeth in the language and sexual content. While I have written young adult, this fairly new category doesn’t lack for drama. It depicts the college years, which is drama, sex, drama, frat parties, drama, sex, and moral dilemmas. I think I kinda like its spice and heated romance scenes. The veil has been lifted and a whole lot of friskiness can be had by all.

I’ve had this story rolling around in my mind for several years and when I first heard of the New Adult category, I knew it was time to try my hand at it. As I put pen to paper I honestly thought it would be a little bit more difficult than it was. I had to realize that the language of college students rested in the mouth of my characters and not mine. Although, some words are still off limits to me.

I must admit that as an author of young adult and children fiction, I struggled with the cross over. Egyptian Moon is not my typical story for my normal YA audience and I want to stay true to all genres that I love. It’s important for my YA readers to understand that Egyptian Moon is New Adult, which means fiery enough to be off-limits to straight-up children and YA readers. But if you think you’d like to read about what goes on from eighteen and up, then see if you like what goes on a college campus when the paranormal gets involved.

Like the big boys (Stephen King/James Patterson), I believe that a writer’s voice can be found in many arenas—as long as the nature of the book is understood and enjoyed by the readers. The New Adult category has stirred interest in me without me abandoning my love for children and YA creations. I no longer struggle with the self-inflicted boundaries of what my characters might say. Still, I must be true to myself; some words still grind inside me even though several categories of the sci-fi/fantasy genres have their place within me.

Egyptian Moon is scheduled to be release in the first quarter of 2014. I anxiously await feedback from my first try at New Adult Romance. I have learned a lot along the way both about my inner self and about the categories I write in. I encourage you, my fellow authors. If you have been hesitant to try a new genre or category, just try it. You just might like what pours out of you.

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