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Can We Really Feel The Spirit Of Loved Ones That Have Passed?


Can We Really Feel The Spirit Of Loved Ones That Have Passed?

I recently lost a beloved sister-in-law who had fought valiantly to the end of her present life. But should I walk forever downtrodden right before Thanksgiving since that’s when she passed? Heck no, she would never want me to remember her with a heavy heart and a dim light. It is with her strong will and conqueror spirit that she would emphatically expect me to remember her.

This close death brought to mind questions about loved ones who pass. Can we really feel them after their spirits separates from the body? In times like this, I tend to rely on my experiences as the basis to where I will park my conviction. I encourage you to do the same.

“Before listening to what others believe, pull your words forward when they struggle to be heard. Only then examine others opinions.”

Here’s a couple of points of views to scrutinize. I am neither for or against one over the other.

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Signs from our loved ones

Personally, I am not an advocate of telling anyone to squeeze their eyes and concentrate on seeing the ghost of a loved one, but here’s an experience from my past…

In my teens, my step-grandmother died from cancer after a long and painful lingering. At that time, I slept in the bedroom I shared with my sisters. On the night that my grandmother died, I was awakened by an unusual groaning coming from one of my sisters.

It was a sound I’d never heard her make—a groaning as if she were in severe pain. I called out to her, but it was as if she couldn’t wake herself and I lay too petrified to get up and shake her. Why? Because something frightening was waiting for me to rise so that it could chop me down, of course. Dah!

But, love for my sister prevailed, and I managed to croak out her name, still determined not to get out of bed to shake her. I wasn’t going down like that. Chop, chop and then Max would be gone!

I’m sure the entire incident didn’t last too long, just long enough for a grandmother to let her favorite granddaughter know that she’d left her broken and decayed body. I now know that my sister was feeling the painful passing of our grandmother.

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