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Can We Really Pick-Up Spirit Orbs In Our Photographs?

471781-255286They are known as spirits, aberrations, haunts, spooks, dead people—the all-time favorite is ghosts, but can we really see them in our pictures?

A couple days ago, I visited a business establishment where a person I knew asked how my books were doing. It ended with a question asked about the paranormal.

“Maxine, do you believe in ghosts?”

I answered saying something like this: “Yes, ghosts or spirits are people without their body, we linger for a while after our separation from the flesh part of us and then we have to decide to move on or not move on.”

The person proceeded to tell me how someone had recently lost a relative and had seen this relative at the home.

“Was this person close to the dearly departed,” I asked.

“Yes,” the person answered.

It is not uncommon to see, hear, or simply know that a loved one’s spirit has made contact after death. I fail to understand why this is so difficult for most to believe when countless people often have these encounters. I would dare say that few have not experienced something in this area.


Because we are beautifully and wonderfully created and that creation is forever; once you are here, baby, you are here—in one form or another. We are powerful energy sources that cannot be permanently destroyed. A part of us will live on!

Getting back to my topic of: Can We Really Pick-Up Spirit Orbs In Our Photographs? From my point of view seeing is believing; however, as I always say that these beliefs are my own and you are well within your right to have yours. If you don’t mind, let’s check out an opinion or two.

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I totally got rapped-up in this article. Some of it I just know is true, some of it is


BE WARNED: This is one of the most comprehensive collection of ‘GHOST CATEGORIES INFO’ I’ve run across. It’s a REAL boat load for newbies; don’t try to read it all in one sitting. And if you get scared, do what I do—PRAY.

Spirits, Ghosts and Guides

Dr Tan,Ghosts.htm


our curiousworld


our curiousworld2


I hope you enjoyed this information as much as I enjoyed sitting here alone and writing it, listening to every crack of a sound, and oh, I could have sworn I heard one of my aunts call my name. The only problem with that is—yes, you guessed it, she’s dead.

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