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Death and THE AFTER LIFE – Part 2

“Let’s continue with the subject of death and add to it—the afterlife.”   mijXG5QI enjoy watching Super Soul Sunday on OWN. Recently, Oprah had a guest, Donna Badger, who in a single incident had suffered a lifetime of tragedy. She lost her mother, father, and three children in a house fire.  To paraphrase her responses to Oprah: Donna shared how she could feel the presence of her daughters and even hear their voices, and through her brokenness, it was them that brought her through. Was she speaking literally or figuratively?   Not thinking of death as a morbid affair is something hard to master—unless you’re a super psychic or something, right?  In my last blog, I opened up the channel for conversation about the subject of death which I believe is one of the most fearful and intriguing conversation piece of all times. It shall remain the topic of the centuries since we shall continue to change and leave our bodies.   In the last blog, I shared with you about closely related deaths I’ve experienced this year. Personally, I’ve always been open to the spirit realm so I’m kinda funny about funerals and spirit-less bodies—even if I used to know that body quite well when it had a spirit and soul inside it. Does that sound like double talk?   I don’t mean to be confusing but to say that we shall hardly escape this life without having at least one spiritual encounter is an understatement. I believe we are meant to have them on the REG. Then why are we frightened by it all?   I don’t know what bothers you about leaving Earth, but I can tell you that it seems most of us will work half of our lives finding out what we were meant to accomplish (BE) and the other half trying to walk it out (DO).  Just when you think you have gotten the hang of it. It’s POOF, be gone! Lol   So what about the AFTER EARTH PERIOD (the afterlife)? Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, you have an opinion on the subject so let’s hear it. We may have a different belief systems from mine;  let me hear yours.   Just to let you know: I’m adding this series on Death and the AFTERLIFE  on my YouTube Channel where I will interviewing guests . I’ve also completed a new YA SCI-FI FANTASY ADVENTURE NOVEL on the subject as well. I’ll keep you posted on these two.   And like I said before … These are just a few of my opening comments. Here’s the kicker: if you want to talk about the subject of DEATH, you’ll let me know by commenting through this blog or through my social media. I’ll crack the walnut open if you give me a reason to.   Visit My books online at: Amazon Author Central for ALL Books – Twitter: @maxwmiller FB Fanpage – Youtube Channel –