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Drink from the Spring of the Season

mug-flowerLate October to early January marks the time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past/present years. This is a time of us stretching into the future while giving one last business push for the present year. In January the spirit of renewed expectation rises from the ashes of despair. Contemplation on how to propel forward in a new year is strong.

During this holiday season, strength for the upcoming year can hopefully gain momentum by consorting with family and friends. I use the word “consort” because when you have a multitude of relatives and you no longer live in the city of your birth, there’s no other word that fits when you brave the elements to come home for a holiday visit. You just know it will be a lively affair.

In reference to this fading year, I want to paraphrase the words of Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich.” Napoleon said that failure is only failure if it is perceived by the individual as such. In other words, whatever I believe I have failed at during this year, then I did. Whatever I perceived as an overwhelming success, then it was.

As a writer, I understand that creativity begins in the mind, and so do forgiveness, family reconciliation, and new beginnings. Christmas in the South is lively; you could possible end up at the beach (weather permitting). Forgiveness opportunities fill the air throughout this season. Use these moments to heal relationships with others. Use them to forgive yourself.

What? You didn’t realize that you could be holding unforgiveness against yourself?

Drink from the spring of the season; return to the beginning of the year to consider the entire year—be it naughty or nice. Lastly, congratulations, you’ll be making it through another year.

Happy Holidays!