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Egyptian Moon Return


EgyptianMoon_WEBMEDIAONLYEgyptian Moon – Book 1 – Return

She had the perfect affluent family, a hottie quarterback boyfriend with a bright athletic future, and scheduled to attend her dream college … until it all fell apart. How could touching a dusty piece of old clay cause all of this?

The freedom of trading in parental restraints for the freedom of college should bring joy not the haunting by a demi-god figure from a past life. And what about the mysterious teal eyed stranger stalking her with his own purpose in mind?

If you enjoy laughing in the face of danger, are shocked by betrayal, and love trying to figure out where the bad guys live, then mark your calendar for the all-important date of March 15th. 2014. The release of the Egyptian Moon Series, Book 1- Return


Megan Smart was normally shy and reserved, until she touched a dusty piece of a clay tablet in the basement of a New York museum. That night at her hotel suite, Megan witnessed an ancient Egyptian romantic scene that appeared on her bedroom ceiling, a scene that fueled her sexual desire and ignited her essence with questionable behavior.

When Megan left home to attend the same college her star quarterback boyfriend, Tyler had been attending for the last year, her performance at a frat party shocked, crushed, and angered him. Afterward, Megan feared she’d lost the love of her life.

Finally, at the point of exhaustion and on the verge of losing her very mind and soul, Megan goes home to meet with an empathic doctor who tapped into the root of her downward spiral. Would Megan find the strength to win against the forces trying to overtake her body, and in return, could she repair her relationship with Tyler?

Mark the date: Egyptian Moon – Return – March 15th, 2014

Astrology 101 – Hemispheres and Quadrants

Growing up Southern Baptist in the South, I was told that we were not to study the stars because that was witch craft. My parents taught me as they knew and understood.

I had to gain a basic understanding of astrology to write Egyptian Moon; along came a professional astrologer that helped me to see the science inside this fascinating subject. Maybe we can learn the basic together. I can assure you, you won’t lift up your eyes in hell by increasing your knowledge on a certain subject.

The astrological wheel of fortune has a certain amount of quadrants located in a certain amount of hemispheres. Email me if you’re interested in answering the question or read my next blog where I’ll just tell ya, based on my vast knowledge and expertise. Yeah, right!