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Five Reasons To Celebrate Women’s Intuition On Mother’s Day

stock-footage-young-mother-keeping-her-baby-child-by-the-hand-and-going-forward1Mothers are powerful demonstrations of unfailing love. I believe I speak for myself and a host of others when I say that we are set on automatic when it comes to inspiration, information, diligence, warnings, and encouragement. Through our journey, we have come to know that along with natural means, we have a lifetime ticket that accesses the miraculous.

Our journey is that of moving it, shaking it, and then starting all over if that’s what it takes to receive the expected end.

Here are reasons to believe in the intuitive nature of motherhood:

  • A Pipeline to The Divine

Women are born open to receive from the divine nature of all things. It does not matter what individual belief systems entail, we have been chosen and given the ability to receive and process a tremendous amount of information. Sometimes we amaze ourselves by what we see, feel, and know. Our emotional receptors are wide open and that’s why we can display not only passion but rage as well. Watch out for the rage!

  • The Gifting to Conceive and Carry Life

The conception of life growing inside the womb of a woman is a miraculous event. Two spirits are literally joined together as one. Within the twinkle of a star, the two are physical separated, but will forever remain connected in an inexplicable way.

  • The Unbreakable Bond

When we cross the border into motherhood, we are elevated to a higher level of consciousness. I like to refer to this as ‘The Awakening Bond’ this is where the realization emerges that a life is dependent on us. Now, like some of the creatures in my books, we morph into a warrior of extraordinary power, ready to enter a battle to the death, to prptect the emerging spirit we birthed. This bonding is unsurpassed by anything on Earth, and we shall forever remain connected in inexplicable ways.

  • Spiritual Knowing

I have first-hand experience that raising a child is not an exact science; however, when my son began to make undesirable choices, I received very explicit intuitive information about his activities. For those of you who read my blog posts, you know that I am gifted with dreams and visions. Every mother has their ingrained intuitive ‘Knowings’ about what their little darlings are up to.

Note: I’ll let you in on a secret: you will receive ‘Knowings’ even if your child is adopted—that’s how extraordinary the spiritual ties of the mother-machine is.

  • Ability To Love

I don’t know if the definition of supernatural love is ever understood until a mother sees her child for the first time. Love flows from all women, but until I looked down upon my first born child, I had never known this incredible washing away of all the hurt and pain and kicking and punching inside the womb to bring him forth. None of it mattered when looking into the eyes of the most magnificent thing I’d ever done. It is unadulterated love.


A mother is crowned with an intuitive nature, a spiritual attitude, a gifting toward her child, depending on the choices of the child, she can dramatically alter the outcome. Here are some dos and don’t:

  • Do: Speak life and not death over your children.
  • Do: Guard your tongue when you receive a warning about your child. This information did not come to you from the spirit realm for you to blast all over the neighborhood or to turn you into a ball of nerves.
  • Do: Warn your child, guide, and most of all pray for his/her change in direction.
  • Don’t: When a child reaches adolescent the raging hormones will come, the chances are that on some days, he/she will not be recognizable. Now, mothers must walk a fine line between the obvious bad behavior and what the future holds. Mothers are the gatekeepers and as such, never sever the ties with the power of your mouth. Never say: “you are not my child,” no matter how badly the urge hits you.
  • Don’t: Cave into thinking your child will never change. A mother holds the key to helping that change to manifest. It is not a forced activity, but it is a constant war between souls.