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Five Visions Of the Spirit Of Christmas and Haunted Stories

Whenever someone says, “The spirit of Christmas,” my imagination goes into overdrive. What would this spirit look and act like?

Here’s five from my imagination.

1) She appears in the sky mounted on a huge white steed. The flow of her wavy blue hair touches the cloud beneath her. Her white gown looks crisp and without a wrinkle. She wears a red, green, and gold crown with diamonds winking from it on every side. As they flick on and off, forgiveness, happiness, and joy is released to those seeking a new beginning.

2) A burly brown man built like a smooth-skinned grizzly. His face is plump and stern, but kindness lives beneath his demeanor. He must appear that way to rule over his helper spirits who materialize and uses a long pointer finger to pierce the heart of those having a desire to correct past mistakes, vowing not to repeat them, and courageously move their life forward.

3) Standing on the untouched white snow of Alaska, a creature that look like a massive elk, totally red with incredibly wide antlers covered in rich algae. The antlers reach upward and then peaked at the top, twist together, and cradles a monstrous diamond in the center. It doesn’t move for the entire season but holds within the diamond, the wishes, and prayers from all of us in the hope of a peaceful world.

4) It looks like a child, innocent and free, covering itself only with a golden light. It skips tumble and weaves through the countryside of nations, watching, listening, and laughing at the silly and foolish thoughts of man. The purity of this child-like creature is what causes the magical change to blanket Earth.

5) No identifiable form at all, just a glow of silky soft light covering the globe with kindness that sinks deeply into the hearts of men. Most will reject this incomparable spirit and thus remain unchanged; the few that receive it will experience closure to troubled and unanswered questions.