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Get Rid Of Your Fears About Astrology Once and For All

my_love__s_astrology_chart_03_by_1m3Growing up as a shy little Baptist girl in the Bible Belt in Georgia, I sat quietly in the knowledge of whatever my uncle/pastor told me. We are influenced by our upbringing, but as we grow older, hopefully, we are moving toward understanding that it’s okay if our lives follow a different path as we grow into what we shall become. We must accept the realization that there are many ways to tell one story and that most stories are incomplete at best. If we are unwilling to open our mind to entertain the broader existence that lives beyond our small, childhood bedroom, we are on our way to becoming a closed-minded, my-way-or-the-highway type of soul. This is where the condemning opinion of those who grew up differently comes from

There is more than one way to cross the threshold of a door—you can hop, skip, or step. For most of us, age brings wisdom and with understanding comes newfound insight. Our inner-self stays on a constant quest to explore the taboos of our past.

As a gifted child who grew up to understand that my dreams and visions come to foretell or warn about future events; when I realized this truth, my intuitive reasoning became bold enough to ask the unanswered spiritual and natural questions of the past—are all psychics bad people? Why is astrology a bad thing when the date and time of Jesus’s birth was foretold and marked by the stars?


“When a spark from inside ignites your thought process, it’s okay to explore unchartered water—ONLY if you do not alienate the rights of others to do so.”

The origin of Return – Book 1 of The Egyptian Moon Series 


When I began to write professionally, I had a desire to pen a novel about characters in the New Adult (college) Genre. I know this desire was fueled by questions I had about certain visions of visiting places I’d never traveled to before—one, in particular, was me standing as an observer in a western town. Yes, I said a western town, complete with a locomotive and women in dated long dresses. This stirred the questions in my mind about the possibility of reincarnation—another taboo subject for a child of the Bible Belt. NEWSFLASH—Back in those days I wouldn’t have had the nerve to talk to my uncle/pastor about seeing a vision.

I want to take my time with this so inch closer to the threshold of your doorway there will be a Part 2 on next week. To have Part 2 delivered right to your email box, sign-up on the left!

We’ll continue this story soon!


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