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Getting Personal in 2013

Indie Book of the DayIn my last post, I gave an overview of my 2013 plans for my books and how I plan to connect with you in a more personal way. I’ve had a pretty busy January—between book planning and my personal life. Let me give you a quick rundown: I have a press release going out on Tuesday, January 22nd, blog Talk radio debut in February and I’m beefing up my Youtube channel—let’s just say, soon.

Presently, I have four books (two in ebook format only). Three are definitely positioned to continue as sequels. Based on present reviews and midnight tossing and turning, I’ve decided to start on book 2 of The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens. The second title is Torene the Tornado. Blood Melt and Sadie Mae are both entered into contests—will keep you posted on whether they “Got This’ or not.

Remember the topics listed in the last post. Remember I want to share more than just writer stuff. There’s more to creativity than yacking away. Every road has a beginning that ask the questions: who, what, when, where, and whys of an author’s life. I want to explore with you topics that may answer most of those questions.

These are my plans for 2013

1)      Talk with you via my Youtube Channel

2)      Blog Talk Radio – My Topic is: Chats Beyond Sci-fi

3)      Gift cards and book Giveaways

Topics of Interest:

1)      The Power of Imagination

2)      Surviving Personal Crisis

3)      Writing for Teens and Young Adults

4)      Dreams and Visions

Come back to my hub (this website) often. I will try to make it an interesting experience for you!

Bye for now!