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Ghost Dreams

silhouette-man_small_FF_Model_ID8741_M27Whenever I dream about a ghost—a loved one that has gone on before me, I never get it or seemed concern about the fact that the person is dead.  Why is that?

Having given the ghost-in the-dream a few thoughts over the years, I’ll tell you about Uncle Peachy who I caught staring out of the window in my kitchen. He was dressed in his preacher/reverend suit with his hands clasped behind his back. He tilted his head slightly toward me just to let me know he knew I’d walk into the kitchen. The window he stood staring out faced the side of our neighbor’s home—neighbors we’d been in a long-standing feud with for their negligence handling of three untamed, aggressive pit bulls. Here’s what you might care to know about Great-Uncle Peachy:

  • Been dead for years
  • I never met him
  • I only saw his pictures maybe a couple times

A few months after I had this Ghost Dream, my neighbors were gone, moved out. Was that why Uncle Peachy came? Did I summon an ancestor because of my grief? I think Uncle Peachy might have to come back, my new neighbors don’t have dogs with big flesh-tearing teeth; they brought big noisy dump trucks with wooden sides in a neighborhood with restrictive covenants. Uncle Peachy can come back and stare out my window any time he wants.