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Ghost Horse Seen At Gettysburg


Metaphysical Events At Gettysburg

Paranormal websites are bursting at the seams all over the internet. Humans are intrigued and no longer ignoring what is sometimes presented as fiction that supposedly stemmed from the writer just wanting to pen a scary ghost story. Often, chunks of truth have wrapped itself around the fiction. This blog post explores one of many phenomena in America’s history—the battlefield of  Gettysburg.

In this enlightened age, we continue to witness how governing bodies, foreign and domestic, settle major disagreements on the battlefield—to the detriment of their own citizens. As I write, the Middle East is plagued with citizens forced into refugee status to save the lives of the family. America’s heart weeps with empathy, understanding the permanent stain to the land where it all happens and the never-ending shame of citizens warring against citizens. Once in our history such a battle took place—a battle that divided the country and drew lines in the sand so deeply until the spilled blood from the battle at Gettysburg will always flow across the country. But what else did the battle cause to happen on that day?

HistoryThe current history books (I say currently because Americans are not supposed to know how many times history has been rewritten), General Robert E. Lee moved a massive amount of troops North into Pennsylvania to crush the union and then planned to move on to Lincoln. I’m not a historian so I sought a website that knows how to get it right.


War is never kind, God bless the men who come home afterward. This battle was especially bloody and brutal. The place of its culmination, Seminary Ridge—three days—fifty-one thousand humans suffered violent deaths. To this day, the soil remains alive with the blood of men… and… horses. Yes, horses.

I have quite a bit of YouTube videos that need editing and uploading to my channel—one of which is an interview with Kristen Ford Newell of ASAP Paranormal. If you’re interested in knowing more about Kristen’s non-profit organization, click on the video.

Kristen Ford Newell of ASAP Paranormal

One of the topics that came up during my interview with Kristen centered around a tour she took at Gettysburg. On that day, she’d heard many interesting stories from other tourists. One man visiting Seminary Ridge had told her that the night before, he’d caught on his camera, the ghost of a horse.  SEMINARY RIDGE was the actual site of the battle. Can you imagine the terror unleashed into the air?

After taking pictures for several evenings, when she returned home, Kristen discovered an image she’d captured. The battle of Gettysburg had more than men fighting on that day. The war horses went through the same sudden and violent death too. Check it out. Do you see something? What is it?

Seminary Ridge

Let your mind travel back to Seminary Ridge on July 1 through July 3, 1863. Imagine the horror of feeling the fiery blast that blows a lethal hole through your chest. You suffer in excruciating conscious pain. No one is there to hold your hand; your fellow comrades are either already dead or too busy trying to save their own lives. And then it happens, you go into shock. The brutal separation of spirit from body is the last thing you remember before closing your eyes in an uninvited death. Next, you feel light and wispy, free from the fire inside your chest. You float upward and hover over the lifeless body you used to inhabit. It lies still and covered in blood, so distant and foreign from what you’ve become. You observe the injury that had mutilated it. Now, you realize that your eternal self is in another realm—the land of the dead, but also the place where spirits dwell.

You’ve left family, friends, hopes, and dreams all to become a translucent form of energy. You’re unsettled angry, forcing the elements to back away so you can relive the time of your death over and over again, so you can mourn having to leave unwillingly.  And now you roam the scared battleground of your demise—along with thousands of other soldiers and their horses.

Have you ever seen what you knew to be a GHOST? Was it human or animal?

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