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Dream Boyfriend


Dream Boyfriend

by Max W. Miller

Published by Ironshield Marketing LLC



Intergalactic Romance, Young Adult Romance, Alien Abduction, Science Fiction & Fantasy


When a strangely dressed but hottie guy with honey-brown eyes starts appearing in Avani’s dreams, she thought her lonely and sheltered life had caused her to dream him up. But when her mother ships her to an expensive military-style private school where her estranged father is the director, she finds out that her family lineage has alien blood in it.

This was the perfect time to seek comfort in the arms of her make-believe boyfriend so she offers herself to him. That’s when she discovers he is real and what he requires from her is more than anyone should ask for—her blood and her life.

Dream Boyfriend is an intergalactic romance with memorable characters and scenes. This sci-fi fantasy novel is spellbinding, filled with the unexpected, raising the question of: how cute does a guy have to be to rate dying for.

KEYWORDS: Teen & Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance, Romance, alien romance, alien abduction, teen romance.

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