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I Take


I Take the Immortal World Of Mirabelle—A Teenage Death Angel.

by Max W. Miler

Published by Ironshield Marketing LLC


Young Adult Fantasy, Teenage Superhero, Death Angel


A family of Death Angels is given the assignment to participate in a social experiment where all except one, would lose their wings and mortality and descend to live on Earth.

Teenage Death Angel, Mirabelle Takerton is the odd girl out when she comes out of the Spirit Analyzer Worm Hole with her huge, beautifully fashioned wings still intact. She must hold the family’s mortality in place by serving as Taker while they are Earthbound.

Come along on this alternate universe, Young Adult Fantasy Adventure, meet memorable characters like a Shapeshifter named, Chevey, and Odensta, the lightening Phoenix. Find out how death affects creatures living on other worlds.

Finally, learn the true reason Mirabelle and her family was sent to Earth. Can you handle the truth?

KEYWORDS: Teen & Young Adult, Fantasy, Science-fiction & Fantasy, Superheros, Teen book, teen fiction, Teen supernatural,

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