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Promises Unbroken


Promises Unbroken

A Ghost Romance Book

Ghost Stories Unlimited Series 1

by: Max W. Miller

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In this ghost story novella, Elizabeth Shelly is left with crippling despair over the murder of her affluent and handsome fiancé. Beth, as Deven used to call her, finds herself drawn into a ghouls night out when a supernatural intervention interferes with her decision to commit suicide. Promises Unbroken is a supernatural romance story proving that love never dies!

“You are forever my diamond and an extraordinary woman. Our combined grief and my sacrifice were strong enough to hold my life core on Earth. Some refer to the life core as soul, some as spirit; it is the essence of what I will always be. I walk between worlds, revealing myself to whom I choose. I came to you, Beth because I have discovered a way to fulfill at least a portion of my promises to you.”

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EXCERPT from Return


Part 1 – Conference Room Chat

My faded brown car stalled again. I coasted into the driveway, having no idea that this marked the day before my life would end. Although for the past six months I’d resisted his offer of a new car, I might have to breakdown and let him buy one. Four months still remained before we disappeared forever—or so I thought.

Deven and I had enjoyed meeting at our secret place—a house located in a nice neighborhood in Pooler, Georgia near Savannah where I lived. He’d grown tired of all the creative tricks we had to use just to spend time alone so he rented the house six months ago. What an extraordinary man; he even furnished our love nest in my favorite colors. He took pride in his girlfriend, dismissing my low income, my Black/Puerto Rican heritage, and my job as a maid working at night in his father’s bank. None of those superficial details mattered to him.

Shamefully, the impoverished condition of my family and I mattered to his father. He was responsible for forcing Deven to stoop low, trying to convince him that what had happened between him and the pretty bank maid amounted to no more than a wham-bam fling. His father and boss, literally pushed him to say the words. What a control freak.

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Because I enjoy several genres of the not-quite-human kind, I hope this book has a hand in assisting you with stepping outside of your reality and into the world of another universe.

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