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Spending Christmas With A Yeti


Spending Christmas With A Yeti

Abusive Relationships Answered With Paranormal Justice

Monster Mates Unlimited Series 1

by: Max W. Miller

xmas with Yeti

Spending Christmas With A Yeti

Monster Mates Unlimited Series 1

Novella – Abusive Relationships Answered With Paranormal Justice

Spending Christmas With A Yeti is a story from Monster Mates, a series of unrelated paranormal books about abusive relationships that may not be for everyone. Readers who have no interest in Out-Of-The-Box Paranormal Endings for Mates that dish out emotional abuse and/or physical abuse, may not find Yeti as the Novella for them…

Subject Monster Mate: Ranger Blackwell

Even though Sandra Greene pretended not to notice the bruises on her beautiful daughter’s face, Sandra secretly made plans to save Shayne. When Shayne Blackwell and her husband, Ranger, go on an all-expense-paid Christmas trip to an exclusive couple’s retreat near Mount Rainier, she held on to a thread of hope that Ranger would at least diminish his mental and physical abuse of her. Soon, Shayne finds herself as an unwilling participant in a nightmare she cannot wake from.

She discovered that abuse and romance with a monster walked hand in hand. And near the end of her nightmare, Shayne wondered who would emerge alive—would it be her or Ranger?

The author is an advocate of facing up to and overcoming personal crisis; she knows from experience that healing is a process coming after a hard-fought battle. She believes that reading peculiar fiction can soothe the pain inflicted by the beast.

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1. Icy Road

On December twenty-third, Shayne Blackwell breathed out relief. She was finally on her way to Mount Rainier Couples Covenant—the retreat her mother had convinced her to take with Ranger. She shifted in her seat and lifted her head, determined to focus on the trip that would transform her marriage. But the stinging bruise to the side of her face interfered with her hope for a positive outcome. Yeah, right, transform.

Her mind ran back to last night—Ranger should have been in a better mood since he’d agreed to go to the retreat her mother had planned and paid for. Had he sincerely wanted to change, Ranger’s thoughts about making her happy would be different instead of handing her a night filled with pain.

She stared ahead. Why did I let mama talk me into coming to this couples’ retreat as a Christmas present? Shayne knew her mother had seen a good bit of the bruises. She had stayed away when she couldn't cover them up good enough or if she had a limp. Closing her eyes, she visualized the last time she’d seen her mother—how the look in her eyes transformed into pure loathing when Ranger had the nerve to come inside her home.

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