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The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens


Earth’s survival lies in the hands of the Dylanians …

When her mother died unexpectedly, Sadie Mae Stevens was only five. As the years moved on, Sadie and her father drifted apart. Henry Stevens Sr. had grown tired of the strange noises and rumbling that happens in Sadie’s room on some nights.

Finally, at fourteen, Sadie’s father sends her away to Daufuskie island in South Carolina. A woman supposedly skilled in breaking the curse off of children like Sadie had been awarded custody of her.

Crushed and bruised inside, Sadie turns to Lendra, her mountain with the eye. It was time to dry her tears and find out what really happened to her mother. Inside the trunk her mother had left her, Sadie found the answer. Enraged by what she discovered, Sadie issues a challenge to a powerful creature from another realm—the Gordite Witch.

Can Sadie defeat the Gordite Witch all by herself? And if she does, will she accept the legacy her mother has left her, a legacy of danger and embarking on a never ending battle between realms?

The Legacy of Sadie Mae Steven is a spell binding series beginning with one parent’s betrayal and another’s undying love. In the process of these polarizing events, a child is left a legacy no mother would want to leave …

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Book I: The Gordite Witch:




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CATEGORY: Science-Fiction / Fantasy

RATING: Juvenile Fiction/

RELEASE DATE: August 2012

Publisher: Ironshield Marketing LLC

Trade: paperback on sale for $11.99 at

ISBN: 978-0-9855955-2-4

eBOOK: Ebook sold at Amazon Kindle, B&N, Sony reader and other ebook retailers online.

eBOOK ISBN: 978-0-9855955-3-1

More about the author:


I am not a fan of horror, decapitations, or disembowelment. Senseless blood, blood, blood does not pump-up the volume for me. If somebody’s bleeding, it shouldn’t have happened because of an accidental walk into Jason or Chucky’s backyard. I like meaningful plots, something my husband and I can try to unravel. For me, there needs to be a reason why little Judy got her throat torn out—for heaven sake.

Hi there, I’m Max. Welcome to my world of proses. I couldn’t be more honored that you are taking the time to get to know me. How awesome is that? A few things about me … I’m a Southern wife and mom with hopefully good manners and an occasional ability to be charming. I am enthralled by dreams and visions and how they come to inform, guide, and shape our decision making process. Please understand that no life should be controlled solely by dreams. Just know that the supernatural world co-exists with the natural.

I like to write about happenings that earthlings cannot explain away—events challenging traditional reasoning. These events bring to the forefront of our consciousness an understanding that the supernatural is well … very natural in some realms. I like to recall true events and mix-in my untamed imagination. I hope you enjoy my books as I have enjoyed dreaming them up. And I do mean dream! See ya! Max


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