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Think and Grow Dead


Think And Grow Dead

Monster Mates Unlimited Series - Book 2

Infidelity Fiction With A Paranormal Twist Women Love

by: Max W. Miller

Think and Grow Dead

Think And Grow Dead is from the Monster Mates Series that deals with Paranormal Abuse Stories, and infidelity fiction. This series may not be for everyone. If you are a reader who has no interest in Out-Of-The-Box Paranormal justice to solve an abusive relationship problem, then Think And Grow Dead is not the short story for you.

Subject Monster Mate: Michael Henson

After moving his business from his downtown office to his home, a prosperous architect, husband, and father struggle with holding at bay his internal demons. Michael Henson’s noble purpose for gazing down the spectacular hillside of his California estate is to spark his creative juices.

But, soon he had to examine the reason he moved his office to his home and strategically planned where he would set-up shop. Did it have anything to do with his beautiful Hawaiian neighbor, Linda Mahelona who works daily in her greenhouse?

Poor Michael Henson. Will he heed the warnings before it is too late? Will he change his ways by agreeing that wicked plans against the innocent have a tendency of turning into jabbing needles through the feet—needles that cannot be removed.

The author is an advocate of facing up to and overcoming personal crisis; she knows from experience that healing is a process coming after a hard-fought battle. She believes that reading peculiar fiction with quirky endings can soothe the pain inflicted by the beast.

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EXCERPT from Think and Grow Dead


According to Michael Henson, his neighbor’s uniquely designed greenhouse was the most extraordinary sight he’d seen on a California hillside. Attached to her home, Linda Mahelona’s greenhouse had an arched roof made of tempered glass, generously placed white stone column supports, and wide doors on three sides. He’d bird-dogged every inch of its construction; his architectural expertise had given his rival designer an A-plus. Although, he wondered why she hadn’t hired his firm for the job.

Through his wall-sized window, he watched her move from the greenhouse to her sun-room and other spots in between. Lighting from the greenhouse gave him the perfect view; he enjoyed watching the explosive growth of Linda’s plants and flowers. It fascinated him—and so did she.

“Beautiful,” he said. “Her greenhouse belongs on the front cover of an exclusive horticultural magazine. Makes me want to take up gardening—something I never had no interest in until she moved in.”

As he glared down at her home nestled on the hillside below his equally impressive estate, he fixated on an unusually large plant. She’d been nursing it for weeks. He had not been able to shake the queasiness that stirred in his stomach whenever he observed this thing that seemed more like a creature than a plant.

“What the hell is that thing?”

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