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Haunting Planet Earth – Part II

Anchient GhostThere are certain types of spirits who are the ones who still want to be seen and heard. Somewhere in the back of our minds we know that they are there–hovering around. Somewhere in our subconscious, we expect a certain type of spirits to make a comeback after they die, and they are not always the demoralizing, haters of mankind, those who lived their lives inflicting endless pain upon the weak or the different. These interactive types, usual the familial spirits are the most prevalent creators of noise, disrupting the lives of the dearly un-departed–us. Countless eyewitnesses have seen long gone relatives and deceased friends. Watch for them in your dreamland, that’s one of their main hangouts.

Note: Common sightings of historical ghosts includes: dead presidents, writers, actors and singers. People like to report seeing the ghost of Elvis Presley still haunting Graceland.

Poltergeist is a term mostly reserved for the extra-celestial spirits. I prefer to call them angels, coming to save our butts through miraculous interventions. Seriously, some of this stuff I’m saying you would be wise to use wisdom when considering whether you want to take it serious or not. But as far as angelic beings, invite them to intervene in your affairs, especially if you’re an irresponsible daredevil, taking chances with the one life you have. You might need an angel to pull you out of the kayak you deliberately paddled over a 1000ft high waterfall.

Warning: Take care and know which kind of angel you’re inviting into your life; you don’t want the ones that were booted out of heaven, tumbling and falling to earth, causing tornados and earthquakes as they tried to put the brakes on their skidding wings. Leave that kind alone! lol[/restrict]

Okay, let’s sum-up this second half of the April 2012 post on hauntings: Sighting of spirits without a body, AKA ghosts, are undeniably the spookiest of supernatural experiences. What scares us the most is that spirits are no longer bound by the physical laws of this world, and we know that one day we’ll have to take the same taxi ride they did. But don’t rush it; life on this side, with all of its perils and hurdles is worth staying around for–as long as you can. Treat your body kindly while you have it. Live well and don’t be a hater. Then and only then will you die well.