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Haunting Planet Earth – Part III

SONY DSCHere’s a tid bit of what my Exclusive Spooky Scary Category entails, written specifically for my subscribers, Spooky Scary sometimes reads like short stories and is always entertaining and informational at times. But mostly, Spooky Scary it just to get your heart rate pumping. Enjoy this sneak preview and then subscribe to my blog, follow me on twitter, and like my facebook page. I would be honored if you did!



Hauntings are everywhere, that’s right, everywhere. And you don’t have to past a cemetery to meet one. Are you in a dimly lighted room right now? Is there some type of wind blowing against your face? Is it soothing, leaving your skin feeling misty, or does it feel harsh, making your heart thump against your chest? Do you know for sure who lived in your home before you showed up? Come on, be real, surely there’s at least one disembodied spirit starring at you while you sleep at night. Sometimes spirits refuse to leave their earthy residence, and if you bought their residence—well … hopefully Casper the friendly ghost used to live there.

Everyone’s heard their share of spooky stories, but the ones we feel more connected to are first-person accounting of ghost sighting. Throughout history, people in countries around the globe have communicated having seen spirits occupying spaces in schools, hotels, or homes. Legendarily, ghost tales have sent chills down the spines of generations of camp fire listeners.

As with people in general, all spirits have individual purposes. Some spirits, apparitions, demons ghosts … whatever you choose to call them, swoop here and there all day long. They are in another realm and for the most part, steer away from the spirits that still wear their body suits—the living. You could say they’re just killing time, hanging around until Judgment day, right?  Don’t even try to call these spirits out, using your Ouija boards or séances. They have shed the bonds of earthly care and may no longer welcome you with open arms–you disturber of peace.

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Disclaimer: The Spooky Scary category is for entertainment purposes only. Readers should be guided by their own belief system about the paranormal and for heaven’s sake, let common sense prevail!