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High School Bully-Don’t Go there Downside of Being a High School Bully

Nobody wants to be the wimpy kid. In high school, everyone wants to be the jock, the cheerleader, the prom queen, the quarter back or even the class president, but never the kid who gets thrown to a garbage can by simply wearing an eye glass. No, there is no one that would want to become bullied and still no one wants to be remembered as the “nobody” somebody used to hit.

A lot of people learn real life after high school. But there are few who never did. There are kids who were bullied in school who eventually excel in life after hitting college or grad school. There are some who became a better person by chewing off their tongue in an effort to keep their mouths close during the most horrifying days of their lives. But there are those who were able to get out of high school alive but their spirits are dead. They were scarred for life and they blamed it on the bullies and the things they do that made life miserable for them.

What bullied people never realize is that while these bullies try all they might to ruin their victims’ lives, their lives are already ruined. Although it is not always true, like how it was in the movies, that they will have miserable lives, it can be true that there will come a time that the things they did will catch up on them. They will definitely not going to be punished, especially if what they do is not fatal to their victims, but realization later on with their lives would make them less of the person they used to be.

Although bullies are popular in high school, their popularity will only get them up to a certain point. In real life, bullies will have harder time to cope as their success will greatly depend on the status of people they bully. You see, these bullies who find happiness in making a life miserable will make a habit to make life miserable if they find things to be lonely and uninteresting. In high school this is simple and easy to do since it only requires personality and a status to do so. In real life, there may not be too many people who are concerned with how you feel about them as they are more concerned to make a living. Unless bullies carry with them a social status that they can use to buy out their popularity, high school bullies will find it hard to get contentment of making life miserable as people will not be affected by how you other people perceive them. In high school, how you are being perceived as part of the class is very important, in real life, it doesn’t matter at all.

So when your happiness lies with how you make other people feel, as with the case of the bullies and the one they bullied, having no one that gets affected with your existence will definitely put you in a state of loneliness and worthlessness. Bullies are normally disheartened when they found out that their bullying can only get them at a certain place in high school but not in real life. As they eventually find out that life is more than just the excitement of being feared, they become fearful of what lies ahead for them.