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How Safe Are Our Subconscious Minds From The Paranormal Books We Read

124507219_d1Why are readers all over the globe attracted to the gray and exciting area of the metaphysical with its innumerable meanings?

As an author of the metaphysical, I court a Paranormal Romance with my characters and the lives created for them through my mind. I wear two hats—author and reader. When reading my curiosity jumps ahead of the pace, I am capable of reading at and I find myself thinking about how the author will end the chapter. On the other side of the coin, as I am spinning my latest yarn, I wonder what my first draft will weave itself into the first time around. Make no mistake, the subconscious Max is the one writing the story.

Our magnetic desire to read about those who can walk through solid walls or communicate with heavenly beings is endless. Somewhere inside our make-up is where the thirst for the paranormal was kindled. I’m sure the answers lies deep inside the cave named it’s-always-been-there and comes out on the days the philosopher in you feels like philosophizing.

Let’s take a stab at defining the word that describes what trips our reading enjoyment. Personally, I like this definition from


Now that I’ve made my opening statement to the jurors, let’s examine the vast powers of our subconscious, and since I’m a writer, not a scientist, I will once again paraphrase not plagiarize, the words of wisdom from this rather old New York Times article—older than some but better than most.



This is my interpretation of the article: Our subconscious is influenced by what we see, hear, and believe we know. The subconscious definitely is influenced by what we read.

I have my own broad definition of the subconscious: The subconscious is a realm where our intuitive nature lives. It is the power behind the right or wrong decisions we make daily. The subconscious determines how and when we decide to buy one product rather than another, marry this wonderful person instead of the other superb individual. Why? Because the subconscious is the voice of reasoning, analytics, and guidance given to the races (and not only humans) and it is a place that is charged with energy. The subconscious is where the spirit, soul, chi, essence, lives. Call it by whatever name you want.

The Depth of the Books We Read

When we are hooked inside a book, we hear the tones of anger in the protagonist’s voice, we see her storming off to deal with a situation, and we even smell the pungent odor of her disgust. We are there with our beloved or be-hated characters until the end.

For those of us who are destined by birth into the realm of supernatural books, we must guard our powerful subconscious and keep it balanced inside the territory that has always been normal for you. Since childhood, I have been open to dreams and visions; but I know the difference between my wild imagination creating a character for a story and an entity stopping by for a night visit. I have never awakened to see my characters, Sadie Mae or Linda Mahelona, physically standing in my bedroom—I see them inside my mind. For us to stay mentally balanced, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca, even as cool as they are, must exist inside the subconscious realm. You can kick-it with them in the physical realm where we live, but they must stay inside your subconscious.

Paranormal book readers must know how to cut off the read and go to work without attempting to fly through the air like Supergirl. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure you won’t make it to work. Stay balanced fearless readers!