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How To Make A Bad Ghost

What exactly makes a ghost go bad, haunting a house or appearing to people in its dead form? Maybe an unexpected tragedy happened right before the spirit separated from the body? Personally, I’m leaning toward incidences starting from childhood—unnecessary cruelty that was never understood. Finally, the child reaches its breaking point right before dying.

Enjoy this Original flash fiction, By Author Max W. Miller rightly entitled: The Making of A Bad Ghost- All rights reserved ©

ghost_boy_man_psychedelic_dark_4912x3283The Making of A Bad Ghost

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Now get to your room and clean up those papers you scattered when you made me chase you. Your father will be home soon.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Oh, and Sammy.”

He limped and then turned, trying to avoid another swat from her hand. He dawned his most pleasant hate face.

“Remember, when Henry asks about your eye, you ran into a corner of the door frame.”

Sammy shook his head, as he could do nothing else. “Daddy already knows what’s happening to me even if he pretends he doesn’t,” Sammy said to himself.

Inside his room, an awful ache seized the area in his stomach where his mother had punched repeatedly. Lifting his shirt, he touched the bloated bruise. ‘this ain’t right, Mama. Someday I’ll pay you back. Someday, somehow.”

The pain in his stomach overtook him. He stopped picking up his room, slumped into a corner and drifted off to sleep.  When he woke, to his surprise, he was stuck to the ceiling. Looking down, he saw his body still slumped in the same corner. Relieved that his pain had left, Sammy shouted with excitement An echoey voice came out, something he hadn’t expected. Freedom and weightlessness, hooray!

The disembodied spirit of Sammy Roswell Grey bounced from wall to wall, but when it learned to balance, it stepped out into the hall.

“I’m going to pay Mama a visit and I’ll do it again and again. I decree upon her sleepless and fearful nights as long as she is Earthbound and I decree the same judgement upon Daddy—because he knew. Oh yes, he knew!