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How To Write Your First Fiction Novel

5 Keys To Consider Before Becoming An Author

By Author Max W. Miller


Getting to a place of feeling like an author should not be defined by what others think. It is an individual personal perception that starts in the mind. What one sees as triumph, another is discontented with. What brings tears of accomplishment to one brings a waterfall of anguish to another. There is one thing that all aspiring writers need to know beyond doubt—that becoming a serious writer/author is an intimate and time-consuming choice, and must stretch far beyond the lure of monetary gain.



It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to read about the writing process. I hope something I said made sense and helped in that all important decision!

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Because I enjoy several genres of the not-quite-human kind, I would like to have a hand in assisting you with stepping outside of your reality and into the world of perhaps a young superhero or the alternate universe of the Death Angel Class or maybe you visited Meg at college while she battled reincarnation. Perhaps a handsome alien met you in a dream or were you invited to witness an event inside Linda Mahelona’s greenhouse? These are only some of the tales I like to bring your way so stay in touch for updates on the next universe I’ll explore!

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