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In The Works – Sci-Fi Fantasy and Paranormal Books

EgyptianMoon_WEBMEDIAONLYI have found out that whatever brightens the fire in your life, you should fail not to work on with all diligence to see it through. I’m working on several projects. My sci-fi fantasy, paranormal writing is very important to me. Sometimes I get lost in the cares of home life and just stuff, but writing will have its place on most days, no matter what others think of my end results.

Let me bring you up to speed on my latest:

My last release, Egyptian Moon has picked up twenty-eight reviews on Amazon and several on goodreads. It has a good rating of 4.2 STARS out of 5. Not too shabby, huh. If you enjoy reading about the college life, download a copy of Egyptian Moon-Return.

Next, I have a quirky tale of paranormal revenge called Think And Grow Dead. The reviews are mixed; some love it, others didn’t—the main thing is that I have to move on.

Waiting in the wings is a romance from beyond the grave—called Promises Unbroken—under the series title of Ghost Stories Unlimited. When you meet the perfect man, even death can’t stop him from fulfilling his promise to his woman. That man is fierce.

I have book 1 of Torene the Tornado ready: I’m working on a marketing strategy and possibly agent representation. Remember, Torene is Book 2 of the series I release in 2012 – The Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens. Torene takes you deeper into the life of Sadie Mae.

Since I always have to be writing and improving my creative path, I am working on a new book (possibly a series) involving angels and demons, but with a unique twist—not your everyday look at handling what you’ve been called (created) to be.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back in touch soon!
Promises_Unbroken (2)Think and Grow Dead