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Kindred – A Tribute to Octavia Butler

200px-OctaviaEButler_KindredI would have like to have had lunch with Octavia Butler. I’m sure there would have been much she could share about spinning a prize winning tale. She had succeeded in this area more than once. Lunch with Octavia is not possible for she has broken the bonds of her mortal shell and moved on to where I cannot reach—and don’t want to think about reaching for right now. Yeah, I know I write ghost stories, but do I really want to have lunch with one. No. Therefore, I am forced to settle for talking about this great author.

In 2006, Octavia Butler died from an accidental fall outside of her home. For thirty years this award winning novelist had been creating with her inspired imagination, tales of science fiction and futuristic plots. She weaved the struggles of racial injustice and segregation into her scenes. One so masterfully created was Kindred, where 26 year old, African American, Dana, moves into an apartment in Southern California with Kevin Franklin, her white husband. From there, she began to have harrowing experiences where she travels back in time and meets her white, slave owner, relative that she has to save. The title is Kindred and you should read it to honor Octavia’s talent.

Published in 1979, Kindred represents a true snap shot of where we were and where we are in our struggle for equality. As a nation, we just can’t seem to let people be people and not judged by superficial parameters. Sometimes it doesn’t seem as though we’ve moved far from the two time frames in Octavia’s book.
In my debut novel Blood Melt, my protagonist, sixteen year old Avani Darrisaw is a bi-racial teen who finds herself in about as much trouble as Dana—maybe even more because her kindred is not even from this planet. To top it off, a gorgeous alien warrior chooses her to be his savior and lover. If it was only that simple, but it’s not; she has to give-up her life force to save him—her blood.

That’s it about Blood Melt.

Be strong and face your day with wisdom and strength.