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Little Known Facts That Support Paranormal Legends In America – Part 1


Little Known Facts That Support Paranormal Legends In America – Part 1 – Includes Free Ebook Offer

North Carolina – Gravity Hill

Earth has an ever-changing personality—not just because of shifts in land mass or climate, but because it is a living example of a metaphysical book recording the enlightenment of the people. As centuries surge onward so does belief systems. The collective minds often toggle between what it considers bad or good for the country as a whole. Yet, as a child become savvy enough to realize that he/she had to detach and come out of its mother’s womb, so does the advanced population of Earth in it understanding that as we leave one form, we embrace another. But do all leave the Earth after death?

Here are some facts that might support the position that we don’t just pack-out and leave the atmosphere after death. Let’s travel over down or up (depending on where you live) to the Tar Heel State of North Carolina. WRAL TV is my personal choice for accurate news reporting and excellent programming. Because of my interest in little-known facts and the paranormal books that I write, I enjoy the interesting topics authored by Reporter, Scott Mason’s ‘Tar Heel Traveler’s Journeys Across North Carolina. Here’s his page:



This blog examines one of his Tar Heel Traveler’s stories.

The Marvel OfGravity Hill.’

The Legend of Gravity Hill goes back maybe further than seventy years—a young woman traveling with her infant meets an unfortunate end when her car stalls at the bottom of a hill on Richfield Road. She tried to push the car to safety when disaster strikes fast and with finality. A truck, most assuredly traveling too fast is unable to stop before hitting her. The woman and her infant suffer a violent and instant death.

Richfield Road is in Rowan County, approximately thirty minutes outside of Salisbury, NC. This particular stretch of Richfield Road where the young woman died is an unsolved mystery that defies the laws of physic. Supposedly, cars placed in neutral or even cut off in the same spot where the woman had tried to push her car up a hill, moves forward instead of backward—as if she is still to this day struggling to push her child to safety. Could the dynamic energy surrounding a mother’s love live long enough to defy time, space, and death?

Along this stretch, instructional graffiti left on the pavement suggest ways to activate the phenomenon by marking what to do with your car—where to cut the engine or put it in neutral. It is also said that a dusting of powder to the back of a car might produce a hand print of someone pushing your car up the hill—I say maybe because spirits are still temperamental even disembodied—she may leave a hand print or not. Check out the video and come to your own conclusion.



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