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Little Known Facts That Support Paranormal Legends In America – Part 2 – Includes Free Ebook Offer

Suscon Road – Pennsylvania – Sightings of the Suscon Screamer


Imagine that it is your wedding day. You look more stunning than ever. It took a year of planning. You had to surrender clumps of an already stretched paycheck to keep that stunning designer gown on layaway. Covered in beads and lace; this perfect creation came with a train that floats above the floor whenever you walk. Surely, its presence fills half the Earth with splendor.

It’s all for a worthy sacrifice–your wedding day; the most spectacular event you’ll ever star in. This one-of-a-kind man who waits for you at the altar had lit the fire inside your eyes on the first day he appeared in the doorway of your six-grade class. From that moment until now, he’d always been yours and has expressed it through the years.

With dad holding you steady, you step onto the satiny bridal runner. Everyone’s looking, some seem to have a glare of sadness. It is not the look you were expecting. What’s everybody’s problem? Are they all too jealous of your beauty—of your soon-to-be husband’s handsome face? What?

And then you look straight ahead to see an empty space where he should have been standing—waiting to receive you from your father. The truth runs down the aisle to meet you as the faces of horror and dread resembles a funeral and not the wedding of your dreams.

After this day, your name will change forever… because he has left you at the altar, embarrassed and ashamed, not good enough to marry. Later on, when all comforts are done and your loved ones have vowed to see you through this most grievous turn of events, you trot on down to the Susquehanna Railroad Bridge and scream your pain loudly into the atmosphere right before you jump off with a rope around your neck. Now you’ll be forever known as the Suscon Screamer.

Through the centuries, the locals had evolved this story from several others. Here’re a few more takes on the subject: Personally, I like the jilted bride theory; I could really create a vindictive monster from that spin!

Let your mind run wild with these…


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