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Little Known Facts That Support Paranormal Legends In America – Part 3



North Carolina – The Legend of Lydia


A few nights ago I had an extraordinary conversation with a paranormal investigator friend of mine who excitedly shared about a couple of her latest home investigations where significant findings supported how the dearly departed still clamored to be heard. The age-old question of why some energies move on and exist quietly only appearing to a relative or friend from time to time and why some noisily assert their presence will remain open for continuous discussion.

I think that where there has been a sudden and violent death, the disembodied spirit might be unaware of its unexpected passing and is attempting to relive the last few moments of its body/spirit attachment forever. And so it seems to be the case with the Legend of Lydia.

scott MasonFor this session of Little Known Facts That Support Paranormal Legends In America, I am looking to another episode of the ‘Tar Heel Traveler’s Journeys Across North Carolina’ by Reporter, Scott Mason. Pay him a visit at his page:


This blog topic examines one of Scott’s stories.

I live in the Tar Heel State of North Carolina. WRAL TV is my personal choice for accurate news reporting and excellent programming. Because of the sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal books that I write, I enjoy the interesting topics brought to the public through Scott Mason’s Tar Heel Traveler’s Journeys Across North Carolina.

Let’s get on with: The Legend of Lydia (Max’s rendition)

Last week, the weather showed the people of North Carolina who had the upper hand. It came to life for me when my traveling husband left our home at three p.m. expecting to reach his final destination in an easy peezy manner. Instead, through delays to the point where attendants were unable to staff his connecting flight because they couldn’t get from one state to the other, he spent nearly the entire night in the airport. My point is, he was trying to reach his destination, but circumstances prevented him. A different and final set of circumstances prevented Lydia from reaching her destination, all she wanted to do was to come home.

On a dark dimly lit road, close to the railroad track in Guildford County, a traveler rounds a curve and finds an unexpected stranger waiting on the side of the road. It’s a pale young girl, dressed in a shroud of darkness and pointing to a house up the hill.

The kind stranger surmises that the girl perhaps cannot speak and is requesting a ride to the house she’d pointed to. “Oh sure, I’ll give you a ride,” the kind stranger said as he noticed that his well-oiled door creaked as she opened it and got in. “So, young lady, what are you doing out on such a gloomy night? This curve could be dangerous if you’re not careful.”

The girl still does not speak but looks straight ahead at her destination—the house up the hill.

As he pulls into the driveway, his heart pounded a bit when the headlights of his car reveal headstones from a family graveyard in the back of the house. He then turns to the girl who was no longer sitting in the seat. The man argued with himself—how had he not heard her get out of the car?

“I’ll just get out and knock on the door to make sure she got inside safely.”

He exited the car, walked up to the door, and tapped the heavy, brass door knocker. A petite middle aged woman answered, her gray hair was swept back from her face making it easier to see the lines of distress etched across her forehead.

“A ma’am, I brought a young girl here, and I believe she’s already gone inside, just want to make sure she’s safe.”

“That would be my daughter, Lydia. For twenty-five years now, caring strangers like you have been trying to bring Lydia home.”

“Twenty-five years? I don’t think I understand what you’re saying.”

“Each year, on the anniversary of her accident, Lydia has been trying to make it home.”


“Yes, right in the spot where you found her.”

“Is that why she doesn’t talk because of the accident?”

“She doesn’t talk because she’s dead. The accident is what took her life. She tries to come home on the anniversary of her death. Would you like to see her headstone? It’s right in the back yard. My dear daughter is always trying to come home when she’s already here.”

From Max: I hope you enjoyed my rendition of The Legend of Lydia.


Below is the video from WRAL



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