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Magnificence – The Ten Commandments

The Ten CommandmentIt’s hard to believe that this movie was made in 1956. My husband and I were watching the Ten Commandments when I decided to write this post. Actually, Pharaoh’s army was drowning in the Red Sea. Whether you believe in God or not (which I do) you have to admit that the beauty and authenticity of the actors, costumes, and sensationalism of colors in this rare and gifted film shall never die.  Clearly an immortal classic, the Ten Commandments reaches into the hearts of gawking souls memorized by its scenes and the depth of the life of Moses. The late and great, Cecil B. Demille (August 12, 1881 – January 21, 1959), was noted for his mastery of movie production, going beyond expectation to a level none had reached in his days. Thus, his productions, over seventy, plus more, showed his brilliance with explicit details.  He shall remain a legend and many continues to follow in his footsteps.

With every showing, the scenes in the Ten Commandments gains new life. Even Avatar has to bend its knees to its wondrous power who entraps its viewers. I have so many favorite scenes until it would take too long to express.

Actor extraordinaire, the late Charlton Heston (born John Charles Carter; October 4, 1923 – April 5, 2008) rendered a superb performance as Moses. In my opinion, this was the crown jewel for which his forceful, commanding voice was made famous. He left a legacy that quite frankly, is miraculous in itself. I’ve never ran across the ghost of Moses, but if I did, I would expect his voice to sound like Charlton Heston’s.

The world reels from continued clusters of event where man’s attempt to trample over man is a shameful display of … well … inhumanity.

During this Easter celebration, regardless of what you believe or don’t believe, make it a personal promise to yourself to release well wishes and kindness into the air. The human race needs a boatload of stuff like that. My belief is that “We the People,” are the only ones instrumental in parting the Red Sea individually. Hope must grow legs and become action–rise up and seek to part the waters of pain and bondage in someone else’s life—only then can “We the People,“ walk over to the other side—on dry land!

Have a wonderful day with family, friends, and neighbors.