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My 2012 Holiday Release – Spending Christmas with a Yeti

xmas with YetiCould there be something to the edgy feeling running through Shayne’s body? A feeling she only got when she looked at Ms. Wilma Vettermyer?
A mother gives her daughter and her daughter’s abusive husband an all-expense-paid trip to a lavish couple’s retreat located near Mount Rainier. Shayne Blackwell and her husband, Ranger, would soon find out that this was no ordinary retreat and that the reason for them being there was yet to be discovered.

Spending Christmas with a Yeti is my end of year contribution to the literary world, a short ending to my author debut year, a parting tribute to 2012. If you want a major distraction during your holiday travels, this novelette, I pray will throw you into a mindset away from the deserts you’ll eat at Thanksgiving or what lame shirt you’ll buy Uncle Bob for Christmas. Shrouded in mystery and intrigue, Spending Christmas with a Yeti will be a part of Kindle’s Prime lending library, but also available on Amazon for the favorable price of $.99. Here’s the opening. Tell me what you think.

Spending Christmas with a Yeti
Max W. Miller

Sightings of Sasquatch on or near Mount Rainier

Before the eons of time, people from all walks of life—from the metropolitan areas in Seattle, Washington, to the glamor and glory of an on-site Hollywood movie production—have been frozen in terror by these creatures. Frightened onlookers were taken to the brink of death as they stared in a stupor. Humanoid in form, Sasquatch has been described as a big ape, with the height of a mountain covered with shaggy hair and big feet. Regardless of individual choice of description, Sasquatch rules his terrain.
Bigfoot, as it is also known, is far more than a fleeting myth—it is a legendary fact; if not, all who have sighted these huge brown creatures would fill insane asylums around the world.
There is another humanoid very similar to Sasquatch/Bigfoot, but it is more elusive than its brown cousin. It is the yeti, a rare find indeed if ever spotted. It seems to be more discreet, with more of a human facial structure, choosing to blend in with its wintery surroundings and quietly stalking its prey. And well, it can blend in with the white mountainous regions, to which he has staked a claim. And well, it can remain undetected to the masses if it is assisted in its cause
by . . . others. And well, it can come down from its lofty plain for purposes only it understands, secretly disrupting the lives of humans.