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My Sci-fi fantasy Backstory

shutterstock_60039500-1920x2400.jpgJames is a great guy/business associate. He’s the live flesh behind Piece of Cake PR.  He handles my press releases and advises me on PR stuff. We email each other if we have something pertinent to say and sometimes kid around about him being British but living in Canada. If you’re looking for a PR guy who shows that he cares, someone who won’t disappear on you, and will work hard for results with your press releases, than give James a try.

Several things I have learned from James and from my own research—always back-up what others tell you with your own legwork. I think that penning a book is so competitive these days that any author who doesn’t want to get into their own marketing kitchen and make some dishes of their own might as well turn in their typewriter.  Without your own research, you could end up spending loads of money, and for what? Something you could have avoided had you taken the time to launch your own online search. Take it from someone who has dived into the water without checking out how shallow it was. Can you say ouch?

These days my PR efforts are twofold: the backstory and what the backstory yielded. Every writer has a reason for sitting down to fill the pages of an empty Word document (that’s usually where we start). That’s your real life backstory. My backstory started with an overwhelming frustration as a mother who could not save her child from himself, and with the harshness of the United Sates criminal justice system. If you’d like to know more about what I mean, I encourage you to visit my Media Center where I have written articles for Yahoo Shine and Your Teen Magazine on the subject.

Blood Melt – Seth Cometh was my saving grace as I delve into my passion for writing and created  this young adult sci-fi/fantasy wrapped around a paranormal love affair.  Download or buy a copy today

As far as the backstory that led me to write Blood Melt and three others to date, I have accepted an offer of representation from a literary agency who is seeking a publisher for this true–backstory. Yeah! Say a prayer for me. In the coming days, I will also be seeking literary representation for Blood Melt. This CAREER we call ‘BECOMING AN AUTHOR” is a step by step journey. Along the way, your backstory must be told; it is the heart of why you write and cannot be separated from your other writings.