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On the Way to Your Brightest Fire this time of economic disturbance and political stalemate, I have found that it is necessary to travel backward into time before moving forward into a clear future—a future that “burneth” with our brightest fire. You maybe asking: “So what exactly is this brightest fire thing, anyway?”

The brightest fire is in the core of the apple and not woven into the surrounding meat. Many times life seems to force us to slide around on top of the skin of life; we slip into places we don’t necessarily want to be in, but sometimes find it hard to dig our hands into the meat of our discontent. It doesn’t matter how long and how hard we fight to dig down into the apple of our brightest fire, no matter how long it takes, we must strive on. Somehow we know that there’s more to the story—an appointment in time—a date we must not cancel—a calling from the deep. Spooky, right?

Just know this: It will take time to punch through to the core of your own personal apple, where the “SEED” of your fire burns. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are (if you’re old enough to read this, then you’re old enough to understand). Many times there’s great confusion between what we do in order to pay bills and what we simply do without any prompting from others—without becoming stressed. This is the thing that springs out of the core of your being.

Some people hit it right the first time, like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley; they found their core early in life and became rich and famous on what sprung out of the apple seed. You have a core that contains a seed. Let’s go back to the beginning of our minds to find that something we may have forgotten we have.

It’s obvious that we must find and do for ourselves and our communities.