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Paranormal Interviews – Subscribe Today

shutterstock_60039500What exactly is a ghost hunter? This subject is very interesting to say the least. I know the paranormal, death, and the afterlife are intriguing and uncomfortable subjects, but let’s talk about them anyway! On my Youtube Video Channel, I’m starting a series of interviews with interesting everyday people living the paranormal life they believe they were called to live. Did you know that there could be a real live, sane, Paranormal Investigator living right in your home town or somewhere not too far from you—maybe in your neighborhood? Maybe your next door neighbor could come over with his/her EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter and check for hot spots/high energy readings in your home. Paranormal Investigators swear by the EMF. Ever wondered what you would do if you became suspicious that an unseen force was creaking around your home? What about something tipping around in the room of your innocent, helpless child? I’m committing to bringing these interesting subject and more to light: The paranormal, Astrology, Hypnosis, Paranormal Investigation, the supernatural inside religion, Ghost Hunters, ghost hunter equipment. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANEL TODAY AND – come back often and see how well I’m doing. Tips about dealing with paranormal Activity:

  • Do not seek-out places where negative paranormal activities have been known to show their energy.
  • In my opinion: Ouija Boards are big no nos. They have an energy that could attract something you don’t want to invite into your life.

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