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Personal Notes from Author Max W. Miller

ISM LogoMy books hit the market in August of 2012 with the subject of science fiction and fantasy for teen and Young adults. Other short works of speculative fiction followed. Well.  Congratulate me! I’ve survived six months in a voracious market without a hint of turning back. As I enter into my seventh month, I find that while I love writing fiction there’s so much more to the message I’d like to share with the world—a world that has literally reeled out of control. I believe that with every piece of passionate fiction written “TRUTH” lays. Every writer of fiction knows that their words are drenched in truth.

In this post I want to share with you a rundown of what you can expect my 2013 website to morph into. There’s a gnawing inside of me to provide a more meaning place for sci-fi fantasy/speculative fiction readers to meet. I want to provide a place where hopefully a good book is found and then moves beyond that into desirable information to enhance daily lives. The internet is a place where dreams can appear naked before your very eyes; sometimes it beguiles humans into becoming more robotic, only thinking of the next sale.

There’s one thing I never want to be and that is a copycat of the mundane—originality is what I seek. Don’t get it twisted, I will mimic what I consider a good idea just to see if it works for me. But good ideas are like personalities—it varies according to mood, timing, and opportunity.

Here are my plans for 2013

1)      Enhance my Youtube Channel

2)      Blog Talk Radio

3)      Giveaways and incentive for my readers

My Topic for the year:

1)      The Power of Imagination

2)      Surviving Personal Crisis

3)      Writing for Teens and Young Adults

4)      Dreams and Visions

I want my hub (this website) to reflect more than selling my books. I want this hub to be a place where a reader can find answers to more than what my next book will be about or how Sadie escapes the Gordite Witch on their next encounter. I want this website to embody a meeting place that lends a helpful tip or encouragement to each member.