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Reflections of a Year Gone by

1920x1080_reading_time-1229601In late 2012 I released my debut sci-fi/fantasy YA novel series: Blood Melt. It was born out of the reinvention of myself after a personal crisis. It shone like a beacon of hope in a gloomy corner of a room. Good or bad reviews, Blood Melt established my commitment firmly in the Independent Authors cul de sac.

Following closely behind Blood Melt, came The legacy of Sadie Mae Steven, Book I, The Gordite Witch. Sadie Mae showed a lot of promise and was even voted on and awarded Book of the Day on a popular readers website.

As a new author I felt like I had found the lane I was supposed to be in. The road curved and bumped along, filled with speed traps and potholes, still I pressed on trying to make an indelible mark on the Independent Author’s movement. Finally, my life’s passion had risen to the top; the career I most loved was all mine.

As I reflect on 2013 I found out that the Vanity Presses options were not for me and that going it alone seemed to work better. 2013 has been filled with many great things and a few not so great. At one fork in the road, after many submissions and emails of thanks but no thanks from agents, Eventually, I was able to secure an agent for my YA novel Blood Melt as well as an agent for my memoir.

At another stop sign in the road, I found this amazing guy out of Canada that helped me through a series of press releases to secure a radio interview and several blogging gigs. Past that point, a speed bump arose and I humped over a couple of self-publisher predators that were truly up to no good. In another bend in the road of my journey I found that the tiny island of my father’s birth held an event where I was able to meet some exciting people who truly appreciated meeting me and embraced my writing with a passion.

Although the road of independent authoring has had its twists and turns, highs and lows I know that this is my road and I take it all in stride. As I develop as an author I am amazed at how far I have come in not taking every negative comment to heart; my anxiety level has gone down, but never far away, I’m sure.

To sum it up: as I move into 2014 knowing another fork in the road awaits me. I have new stories to tell, and award winning characters to create. A New Adult romance story is brewing within me and it promises to be different from the norm, and a bright street light on my road. As I prepare for the release of my new project, Egyptian Moon, I want to take a minute to encourage my fellow writers to travel the path less taken. When the road gets dark and lonely and you’re tired of the bumps and humps, remember I am on the road with you and I hope that the glow from my small light helps to illuminate your journey.

Peace and blessings

Author, Max W. Miller