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Rewarded By the Unexpected

WEBMEDIA-TheGorditeWitchThis morning I went to exercise, and as I worked my heart out on the cardiac rowing machine, I couldn’t help but take notice of a woman more elderly than I, working-it-out on a nearby treadmill. With straight posture and strong sturdy hips on her slight frame, her hair was very thick and totally gray. I wondered if her hair was naturally curly as it bounced healthily around her head. She had a movement that handled the treadmill without letting it handle her. Confidence steamed from her, perhaps from years of having a healthy outlook on life.

“I hoped that in about twenty or twenty-five years I’d be similar to this woman who obviously cared about herself and others in her life.

As fate would have it, I was graced by riding down on the elevator with this inspiring lady. I found that she was very pleasant and spoke with an accent like Queen Elizabeth. “Are you traveling to the wet room today,” she asked.

“No, I can’t go into the sauna or whirlpool today,” I answered.

We parted with uplifted smiles and a wish for a pleasant day. I choose to believe that we’d made each other’s day brighter through a mutual admiration.

Last weekend in my hometown of Savannah, Georgia, family members, on a last minute invitation, came out with my husband, Ivan, and I, to the cobblestone streets and historic atmosphere of Savannah’s River Front. It was Ivan’s birthday and we had a glorious time of reuniting and just plain old fun! It is at times like these, the conversation at the gym, the unexpected gathering of family, that I am lifted to know and understand that even though we should reach for the spectacular, there’s huge rewards to gain inside the unexpected and simplest expressions!

In my Science Fiction Fantasy series, The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens, I feature my teenage, superhero heroine, Sadie Mae, who would love to be able to spend one single moment with her mother, but she cannot. Her mother died a cruel and unexpected death when Sadie was five. Sadie sets out to find out why she’d loss her mother and in return was taken back by what she discovered about herself. And so it is with us, discovering, searching, and hopefully growing.

The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens—Book 1 – The Gordite Witch, is a teen super hero adventures, you will find extraordinarily captivating. Give Sadie Mae a shout-out on Amazon Today. Click here to connect with Sadie