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Sadie Mae Stevens for President

5verBOOKBABYXX1 (1) (1)I cringe when thinking what the legacy of this 2016 Presidential Election will leave in the history of America. What kind of brewing rebellion shall it mark on the young and tender generations to come?  Hopefully, generations down the line will come up with new and innovative way to first and foremost make respect a major campaign promise.

I recoil just as hard after seeing the North Carolinian gubernatorial debate, and when other local races gouge and backstab one another, I have started turning off the television. I write science fiction and fantasy, sometimes dark paranormal stories as well, but when real life scares me more than a dark fiction, we are all in trouble—when a presidential election is a set-up to cause massive riots in the street, the children must lead.

Never in all my days, have I seen such tomfoolery from overgrown Americans in local and national races. Surely, we must be sleeping in an alternate universe having no resemblance to the premises of liberty and justice for all.

We need our teen superhero, Sadie Mae Stevens, to take the lot of them by the hands and teleport them to her forest. There, Lendra, her one-eyed mountain mentor can counsel them. Sadie’s job is very important. She has to use the Fuzzy Raton to reveal the disguised Pigwaller monster inside each of the candidates.

What might Lendra say to the candidates?

What is this that I hear, leaders of a nation, don’t even care

Words of turmoil, evil, and strife, killing your world and young lives

No words to explain how you’ve crippled and maimed generations behind you

Are you insane!

Up, up Sadie Mae Stevens, surround the children of Earth, shield them from this hideous rebirth

Their motives are lost, dignity tossed, help the children become the boss!

go_voteWill Sadie Mae Stevens and her forest win against this paranormal brood of false leader and their self-serving agenda?

They have abandoned critical issues facing Americans on Earth and have lowered themselves to the level of troglodytes, a rude and reckless bunch who have veered off of the paths of saving their constituents from chaos.


And a child shall lead them.

Sadie Mae Stevens for president…

Rock The Vote Presents: #TURNOUTFORWHAT

Here’s Book 1 in The Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens Teen Superhero Series as it stands today.

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