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Scary Paranormal Short Stories


Rich Girl Poor Boy

- A Novella that is sure to make you think back to your own experiences. Did you ever have a dream about a cute guy you’ve never met? Did you ever wonder was he a ghost?

Day Sleeper

- A Short Story that is laced with actual events that might make you question if somehow, somewhere, you’d invited evil into your home?

The Green and The Gray

- A Flash Fiction that takes you back to your days of being a college professor who’ve never settled the edgy curiosity inside your mind that a certain student’s issue was not quite human: be careful you may discover a truth you’d rather not know.

About Aunt Trixie

- A Flash Fiction that jogs your memories of a particular aunt you’d always thought was an alien—maybe you were right. But then again… All of these answers and more will leap off the pages of these stories directly to you, and in the process, you will find fear, suspense, thrills, and perhaps experience a portion of your own hidden life.