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Secrets Revealed Behind the Paranormal


Author Max W. Miller shares

“Supernaturally Normal”

experiences behind her writing

What boundaries do we use to classify something as a paranormal experience? Do we use movies like Poltergeist, Insidious, or Ghostbusters to gauge when a supernatural book has been written? Should we put our trust in a spiritual medium or perhaps paranormal investigators like the T.V. series, Ghost Hunters International? I believe that movies and real life mimic each other. A screenwriter sees, hears or is told something that ignites the intuitive juices already lurking inside.

But what about the world away from a movie set or the EMF meters of the paranormal investigators? Can everyday people with families, nine-to-five jobs, and a grocery shopping list to fill, see into another world—while sleeping or awake?

Based on my experiences, the answer is yes. Every day, real people like you and me encounter enigmas. At some point during a lifespan, the paranormal awakens, shakes its shoulders, and walks into one of life’s many crises. Here’s the biggie—it is quite reasonable to believe and expect visitations from entities living in other realms—whether you see them as angels, demons, or troubled souls unable to move on. Almost everyone has a story to share on this subject. Don’t be afraid to admit it.

One night as a scared, shy little girl, my eyes were opened to see into another realm. Lying on my bed in this state, the terror that monsters were peering through the darkness waiting to eat me had dissolved. I became mesmerized by silky sheets of fluffy floating rainbows, bold and colorful and waving down at me from the ceiling. While I watched, this phenomenon gently lulled me into a peaceful sleep—totally calm—monsters gone. So what happened? How did this kind and gentle presence find me? Did I somehow open a door, letting serenity pass through? I don’t know, but many of us call this peace and serenity God, while some say the universe, and others prefer to say the enlightened one…

The innocence of children allows for more awareness of alternate kingdom. It is not advisable to dismiss easily what a child says. The night seems to be the hour of choice when the astrological heavenlies shift and a world of super-normal events are there for the taking.

Entities in and around Earth are sent to rattle the insides with warnings of pending danger or how to escape an unpleasant circumstance. Many come on their own with a menacing purpose or perhaps just to connect—like social media. I’ve met both kinds. In my late teens, I seriously questioned my sanity when some dreams began to come true, and from time to time, my opened or closed eyes would glimpse an entity who shouldn’t have been there. Although the appearance became sketchy over time, the actual encounter lingers in the unforgettable part of my brain. Sometimes, afterward, I’d say to myself: “What did it want? Why are you here? Stop scaring me.”

There have been times while knowing I lie on my bed, mental awareness overtake me that I am also somewhere else, and something is coming. I wonder what would it be this time—echoey footsteps, will it enter my room move slowly or in a big hurry, or would my invisible visitor be bold enough to materialize? Relax, this is my real Paranormal life.

Since other family members were prone to have similar experiences, it took me a good while to understand that not every Williams family in America had these supernatural-normal events taking place—like when one of my brother (who will remain nameless) saw an angel in the upstairs hallway at the duplex on Dundee Street. The brother, who I fear for my life to name, took off running as if his life depended on him getting away from the glorious visiting messenger. The angel says something like: “Wait, don’t leave,” but my brother probably heard, “Run for your life before I kill you.” The incident is one of many family jokes.

There had been times when I understood the reason for an encounter; many times I’m not sure why all the bits and pieces of information come. My friend said, “Sometimes the messenger comes to you on behalf of someone else.” One thing I have figured out: For most of us it takes two/third of a life span to tap into what we’re supposed to be doing. Having said that, we would do well to stop being such busybodies into the affairs of others. All our efforts should pour into seeking guidance in knowing without a doubt, what has been handed down to us.

This is only a small portion of my story; however, within my fiction, non-fiction, blog posts, and free books online, I am finding my true self and hope that my readers will find themselves too. Connect with me, you never know what might spark your single-minded purpose into a blazing life.

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