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Sexual Attraction

WEBONLY_EgyptianMoonI’ve recently completed my Bewitching Virtual Book Tour for Return – Egyptian Moon – Book 1, and now I’d like to share some of those blog posts with you. Please read below for one of my blog posts for the event. Most interesting title …

What Drives Sexual Attraction

Ever walked down the street and couldn’t help but notice an alluring figure coming toward you? Your eyes widen and you have an instant opinion about what you see. As the object of your attraction advances, your heart may even speed up. With eyes gazing from the top of the head to the sole of the feet, what translates back to you is an attractive sight. This image reached down into the place where your likes and dislike resides and had pulled up the right cards—a combination of Temporal lobe brain connections.

Let us explore this premise from a paranormal point of view from inside the covers of Egyptian Moon – Return. My main character, Megan Smart, sits in the courtyard of her college quad and is approached by a dark handsome stranger of Egyptian decent. Amon come close. His presence strikes immediate fear inside Megan. She finds him very attractive and so familiar.

Now, let’ get back to the alluring figure coming toward you. When you are attracted to someone, there is a spirit of familiarity that takes control. It’s like: speak now or forever hold your peace. You know you may never see this person again so you smile and hope to get a smile back. Connecting is critical in order to find out what thoughts are inside that person’s head. Whether the reaction you receive from the object of your attraction is positive or negative, your inner-self may not change its opinion or level of attraction. If we don’t know where attraction cometh from then we don’t know how to send it back.

Back to freshman student Megan Smart, her first reaction to Amon was to get the hell away as fast as she could. She wanted no part of what that attraction might bring into her life. Megan was already committed to Tyler, the hottie star quarterback. A twist in the story was that a teal eyed stranger saved her—one stranger saving her from another stranger. Later, at a frat party, Megan ran into Amon again. This time she had nowhere to run and falls into his arms, ending up in serious relationship trouble with Tyler. That’s as far as I’ll go to not give away SPOILERS.

We understand that based on Egyptian Moon – Return, Megan’s attraction to Amon had something to do with memories from a past life. But what about your attraction to a stranger? Do you know for sure that you’ve not crossed paths with this individual? I there history between the two of you? Last question, do you believe in reincarnation?

If you have questions or comments about my blog post perhaps Kimber Leigh Writes will invite back for another guest blog—that’s if you are interested enough to ask questions or make comments


From the author – Max W. Miller

I am on a never ending journey into the worlds of sci-fi / fantasy and all things paranormal. I write in several genres (Children, Teens/Young Adult, and New adult). This year, I plan to release the sequels to Sadie Mae Stevens, and Egyptian Moon. I’m also working on short stories that I will be rolling out continuously throughout the year. Most will be FREE to subscribers to my blog and inexpensive if purchased on Amazon. The two short story series that I’m presently working on are: Ghost Stories Unlimited and Monster Mates. All are welcome to visit my Blog for new and exciting FREE flash fiction and updates on my shenanigans. follow @maxwmiller / Become a FB Fan


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